Transparent Administration

The principle of transparency, understood as "full access" to information about the organization and activities of public administration, it was stated by Legislative Decree 14 March 2013, n. 33. The objective of the standard is to promote a widespread control by the citizens on the work of the institutions and the use of public resources.
In particular, the publication of data in this section is intended to encourage citizens' participation for the following purposes:
  • Ensuring awareness of the services rendered, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics, as well as the modes of delivery;

  • Preventing corruption phenomena and promote integrity;

  • Submit to the widespread control every step of the cycle of performance management to allow the improvement.

In this section we are published the data, information and documents that relate to the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in all its central and peripheral joints, taking into account the regulatory requirements, the three-year program for transparency and integrity in 2012 -2014 elaborate on the Commission's guidelines for evaluation, transparency and integrity of public administration (CIVIT), and the contributions provided by each department.
 Anyone can exercise the right to know, use and re-use for free the subject of mandatory publication data (according to the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0).

New rules on advertising obligations, transparency and dissemination of information in the Official Gazette of the P.A .: the decree on the reorganization of the law.
Enter into force on 20 April 2013 the decree consists of 53 articles and an annex number with which they are dictated to the principles of transparency defined in accordance with art. 1 of the Decree in question as total accessibility of information about the organization and activities of public administration, in order to encourage widespread forms of control over the pursuit of official duties and the use of public resources that is placed as guarantee of individual freedoms and collective, as well as civil, political and social, it integrates the right to good administration and contribute to the realization of an open, to serve the citizens.

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Responsible for Transparency:

Dott.ssa Marina Giuseppone



File XMl relativi agli adempimenti L. 190 / 2012 Anno 2014

File XMl relativi agli adempimenti L. 190 / 2012 Anno 2013

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